d.i.y. f a n c y bulletin board

Hey there lovelies!! Happy Monday! Did you have a fabulous weekend? We sure did! It was nice and relaxing. I have super fun and pretty simple DIY to share today. Do you have certain things in your house that you feel like you can always improve? I do! I have been wanting to update my bulletin board for some time now, maybe since I originally made it! I made it when we first moved into this house and have never loved it but I just haven’t ever had time to fix it! Well, a few weekends ago, armed with fancy gold spray paint, I made my bulletin board so much fancier and so much more MOI. I am AMAZED at what gold spray paint can do. I am contemplating spray painting my kitchen chairs, gold. It will either look awesome or awful…still undecided on taking the plunge. Let’s get this d.i.y. partay started!

Fancy Bulletin Board DIY // Fancy Ashley

I started off with my fabulous chunky 16×20 frame that I purchased at Michael’s a few years ago. I’ve loved the frame but never loved the color. I just went out to my garage and sprayed it gold! It was simple and made a HUGE difference!


After two coats, it looked shiny and fabulous and was ready for the next step. I purchased this fabulous gold polka dot burlap from Joann fabric and craft stores and I was hoping I could get it laminated to recover my kitchen chairs because the little presidents make HUGE messes! You would be so grossed out if you saw my chairs. Seriously, they have been spilled on so many times! I gag a little each time I look at them. Ha! Long story short, they can’t laminate burlap, so I have a bunch of this burlap to find fun things to do with! When I originally made the bulletin board, I covered a piece of foam core with rolled cork and It worked great so I decided to just cover that piece with my burlap. Why not?!

I started off by cutting my burlap to be a tad larger than my board (make sure there is enough room to fold the burlap over the board).

Cutting Cork

After I cut my burlap, then I was ready to glue it to my board!

cork board 2

I made sure that I used a lot of hot glue and made that each side was folded over and stuck together really well before I moved on. Hot gluing burlap isn’t the most simple task because the glue seeps out and you are pressing the burlap down…be careful not to burn yourself. I burn myself all the time!

cork glue 3

After the burlap was glued onto my board, then I just pushed it into my frame. I thought I was going to have to glue it in after I pushed it in but it was so snug that the extra glue was not necessary! Woohoo for one less step!

cork 4

After that step, I just turned it over and it was finished!!!! I am in LOVE with how it looks! I can’t believe the difference! Don’t you love it? I mean, who wouldn’t want a fancy bulletin board?!


After this amazing transformation, I knew I had to fancy up the rest of my board as well.  Be sure to check back later this week for another SUPER fun, simple and of course, fancy d.i.y. tutorial! I hope you week is off to an Ahhhhh-mazing start!

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