At Home with Ashley

I am over on Every Day Cheer today, sharing a few of my favorite home items that I can’t live without inside Casa de Fancy!

Ashley_at home

Come see me over there!

Cheers to the weekend!

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  1. Breanna wrote:

    Totally agree with you on #5, I couldn’t live without my kitchenaid mixer! And as for #6, I am dying for one of their casserol and dutch ovene dishes but I have not grown the gonads necessary to spend that amount of money on a dish yet.

    Posted 3.23.14
  2. lindsay wrote:

    i finally bought a stone and peel this past weekend after seeing how much you love yours. many more (fancy) pizza nights to come!

    Posted 3.23.14
  3. Erin fryfogle wrote:

    Hi Ashley! I hope the house building is going smoothly. We were finishing ours up about this time last year!

    Can you smell the aroma from those candles in your entire living room? I had a Park Hill candle that I could smell throughout the majority of my house, but my Pottery Barn candle can only be enjoyed when you are sitting right next to it. Looking for another that permeates the room well!

    Posted 3.23.14
  4. KELSIE wrote:

    Missing your posts!

    Posted 4.2.14

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