Home Tour Tuesday: The Guest Bedroom

It’s been quite some time since my last Home Tour Tuesday post. I can officially say that every room in this house is finished, with the exception of one. Over the next few weeks, I have a few more to share with you! #finally #tookmelongenough Our guest bedroom has been semi-completed since a week after we moved in, because my mom was coming to visit, but it was never officially finished. It is one of those rooms that doesn’t get used on a regular basis, so I kept putting it off. Honestly, I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do with it for a long time. Once, I had a vision, it was full speed ahead to get it completed. In true Ashley fashion, there was no patience and no taking my time. It was completed in a matter of weeks! I always want our guest rooms to feel light and airy and relaxing, so I try to keep them pretty simple. I fell in love with this bed and that is what started the room. I saw and fell in love with these pillows shortly after. They were a huge inspiration for this room as well! I really wanted to add a chandelier because I love the character they add to rooms, but opted to add a fan instead. I wanted our guests to be able to control the temperature in the room. Nothing worse than sleeping somewhere and being TOO hot! I have stayed in places sans a fan before and wished they had one, so this was something I knew our room needed. I always have a tv and dvd player in our guest rooms, as well. I watch tv to fall asleep, so I like our guests to have that option if they need it. I always have a basket with extra blankets as well. Can you tell temperature is key for me? I just want everyone to be cool or warm enough. We had extra space in this room and had an extra loveseat, so, we added it to the mix. It’s a nice spot to sit and have coffee or sit and read. A chair or two would suffice too, I was just using what we had it. These bar carts made an ideal nightstand and took up little space. They make a big impact and I just love how they look! I use bar carts as much as possible, as you know! I’m a huge fan of a mirror behind a nightstand, so, I knew I had to incorporate this look into this room. I love these tassel curtains so much and knew they would be a perfect layering piece over our bamboo shades. Honestly, I think I may add them to a few more rooms, because I love them that much! I am absolutely thrilled with how the room turned out! Take a peek!

floral bedroom idea

guest bedroom

nightstand bar cart

Bar Cart Nightstand // Mirror // Lamps // Alarm Clock // Candle // Books // B&W Jar // Hedgehog

top of nightstand

floral pillows bedroom

guest bedroom idea

floral pillows bedroom

Floral Pillows // Coral Euro Pillows // Comforter // Sheets // Bed // Bar Cart Nightstand // Lamps

floral pillows bedroom

nightstand with mirror

floral pillows bedroom

bar cart nightstand

bar cart nightstand

floral pillows bedroom

floral pillows bedroom

floral bedroom pillows

floral pillows bedroom

Bed // Herringbone Throw Blanket

nightstand barcart

floral bedroom idea

floral bedroom idea

Tassel Curtains 

floral pillows bedroom



basket of blankets

Blanket Basket // Pom-Pom Blanket 

floral pillows bedroom

floral bedroom idea

Bed //Bar Cart Nightstands // Lamps // Mirrors // Comforter // Floral Pillows // Coral Euro Pillows // Sheets // Herringbone Blanket // Basket // Loveseat // Leopard Couch Pillow // Coral Couch Pillow // Tassel Curtains // Alarm Clock // Candle // Nightstand Books // Hedgehog Figurine // Blue and White Jar 


So, there you have it! Our little abode for when guests come to visit! What do you think? Would you love to stay in a guest room like this? I sure hope our guests love it as much as I do!

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*more Home Tour Tuesday posts coming soon. Is there a specific room, that you’d like to see that hasn’t been featured yet? Let me know in the comments section!



**Photos by Abbi Hearne

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  1. Every detail is perfect! I am loving all the tassels! Xo, Stephanie

    Posted 4.26.16
  2. Kathryn wrote:

    It sounds like you thought of everything!! I love the pops of color throughout the room.

    xx Kathryn

    Posted 4.26.16
  3. Misty wrote:

    I’d love to see the master bedroom. I have the exact love seat in my master and leopard pillows. We have similar style and can’t wait to see what you’ve done with your space!!

    Posted 4.26.16
  4. Kelly wrote:

    Perfect guest room!!! I love your style! Would love to see master bath or more of your kitchen!

    Posted 4.28.16
  5. All details are so perfect .pure pleasure for looking.

    Posted 4.28.16
  6. I love your style! I would love to see your master bedroom bc I just moved and need to decorate our room! xo, Kristina

    Posted 4.30.16
  7. Erin wrote:

    LOVING the tassel curtains. To be honest, I think I’m going to DIY a version of them for my girls’ room. This room is so sweet!!!!

    Posted 5.4.16
  8. Emily wrote:

    Love this! Any chance you can share where you purchased the knobs that the bedside mirrors hang on?

    Posted 5.20.16
    • Ashley wrote:

      Hi Emily! They come with the mirrors!

      Posted 5.20.16

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