Fancy Fitting Room Finds

Happy Friday, peeps! I am bring back the fitting room pictures! I’m thinking about twice a month. Let me know if you’d like to see more of these, too! Thanks to my sweet reader who came up with this name for this series! I love it and it’s perfect!! I hope you had a fabulous week! It’s been a bit crazy here living through the KITCHEN renovation, but we are super excited with how it’s looking! Be sure to keep up with us on Instagram to see daily updates on my stories!

Here are a few of my recent fancy fitting room finds!

Okay, so I just love this TOP. It’s so cute and perfect for those days when you want to be casual and comfy! I will be wearing it with these SHOES.

TOP // JEANS // SHOES (I am wearing a Small in the top)

This is just a really cute basic white TEE. It comes in other colors as well. I have been needing a cute white TEE to wear under sweaters and I loved the cut of this one!


I love this furry JACKET. I hope our cold weather comes back!!!


This little JACKET is too cute too! Loved it! See my cute TEE peeking out?


This TOP is super cute and you can wear it tucked or out! Super cute both ways!


Love this TOP. It’s super cute and I just love the ruffles. It comes in a few fun colors.


I love this brand and I wear a lot of their tops! You can see another great one in TUESDAY’S POST! This TOP is so soft and so fun! I love the little plaid fabric holes peeking through!


I loved the scallops on this TOP. It also comes in WHITE! It is a great basic top that you can dress up or dress down!


Okay, I loved this TOP so much! It’s my signature color and it’s an off the shoulder and I loved the sleeves! So much to love!!! It comes in WHITE and BLUE too!


This DRESS is super cute! It laces up the back! Runs large in my opinion. I’m wearing the XS.


I love this DRESS and couldn’t decide if I should get the print or the light blue! Both are cute and its such a great cut!


I love this DRESS and it’s so soft! I have THIS DRESS last spring in black and it’s still one of my favorites!




I have been getting tons of questions on my makeup routine! I have a video coming soon, but in the meantime, here are the deets! I have on this LIPSTICK (in color #49) and I’ve been using this SHIMMER BRICK (in color: beige) on my cheeks lately to get a dewy look and I love it! I use this FOUNDATION and this BLUSH (in color: orgasm)





In super FUN news!! My girl ERIKA and I are starting a monthly link up!! YAY! On the third Tuesday of every month, join us for Tuesday Talk! It will be a fun little chat between girlfriends about all the things! Things that are making us happy, sad, mad! Funny stuff, too! Basically anything that is on your mind that week, that you want to chat about, we’d love to hear it!! Join us for our first link up, next Tuesday, January 17th!! Can’t wait!!

Tuesday Talk

Have a happy weekend, peeps!! XOXO

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  1. Melissa wrote:

    Love the dressing room posts! I would love more!

    Posted 1.13.17
  2. Shana Page wrote:

    I love the Fitting Room finds series! I actually think the pictures you took make the clothing look better than what the website has. Some of the shirts, on the the anthro site, I would skip over but then when you had them they looked so cute on!!

    Posted 1.13.17
  3. The peplum top is so much cuter on you than on the “model”…DARLING!!!

    Posted 1.13.17
  4. Kelsey wrote:

    I love all your finds but scalloped top is just perfection!! Loving the home updates. I know the kitchen is going to be gorgeous!!

    Posted 1.13.17
  5. Rachel wrote:

    I agree! More fitting room posts! Especially at Anthropologie, it’s hard to tell what some things will look like on….their models are a little too cool and hip for me to understand how the clothes actually fit! 🙂 I love that you try on so many things! Love your fashion posts!

    Posted 1.13.17
  6. Jamie wrote:

    You should be an Anthro model! I wouldn’t have given some of these tops a second look but after seeing you I want them all! What size are you wearing in the pink peplum?

    Posted 1.13.17
  7. Lauren wrote:

    What color blush are you wearing? When you click the link it doesn’t show up with what color it is. Thanks!!

    Posted 1.13.17
  8. Jill Flaherty wrote:

    LOVE your Fitting Room Finds! Love the clothes, shoes, & makeup!!! I already bought a bunch! I made a list, ran to the mall w/ my 4 & 1 year old, & bought things for myself (which never happens!).
    Everyone was happy …
    Thank You & please keep doing!

    Posted 1.14.17
  9. Anna Bedford wrote:

    Yes theses are fun posts! Keep them coming. You helped me on Instagram with the sizing of the gray ruffle topshop top! It fits great! Thanks for your help!

    Posted 1.14.17
  10. Megan wrote:

    Love fitting room posts! I need that scalloped top! Looking forward to linking up.

    Posted 1.14.17
  11. Kelly wrote:

    Please use Rodan & fields omg your wrinkles !!!

    Posted 1.15.17
    • Leah wrote:

      Wow, I’m assuming you sell Rodan and Fields. You might want to change your sales pitch. That’s incredibly rude. I’m amazed at what people think is ok to say when hiding behind a computer. Ashley, you’re gorgeous!

      Posted 1.16.17
  12. Kelly wrote:

    Omg your wrinkles!!!

    Posted 1.15.17
    • Ashley G wrote:

      yikes….rude! Ashley, you are glowing. Don’t let rude people bother you.

      Posted 1.16.17

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