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Hi friends and happy MONDAY!! Coming at you from California! We survived the longest road trip this weekend! Ha! Or at least what felt like the longest road trip! We ventured out of the huge state on Texas and came to California! Right now, we are at my mom’s house and it’s so hot here in the desert, but a nice dry heat and change from the Houston humidity, so I’ll take it! Our trip was longggggg, but pretty good and I feel like we made great time! Because we had not really done a long trip before (besides 10 hours to Florida-which was LONG-this was over double that), I wasn’t sure how the kids (or myself lol) would do, but they did great! We were all exhausted upon arrival yesterday and I think we are slept very hard last night! I’m so excited to be back today with our road trip essentials! These are all items that we had already/ordered for our trip and we used almost all of these items! While I worked on this post prior to leaving, I’m thrilled to add in this intro and tell you that almost all of these items came in super handy on our trip and I’m so excited for you to see this post! I have had so many messages about what our necessities for the trip were, so I’m glad I had this on the schedule for the month! Yay! Take a peek at our road trip essentials!!


Road Trip Essentials







DOODLE DRAWING BOARDS – We have used these for YEARS! They are so much fun! The kids love drawing on them! You can also play tic tac toe and other fun games! I even love drawing on them!

IPAD – What did we do as kids without an iPad on road trips? LOL. My kids watched movies, listened to music and played games! We were in the car over 22 hours, so I was grateful we had these with us!

BLUETOOTH HEADPHONES – Perfect so that every could listen to their own stuff!

GAME PADS – A fun technology break too play these games!

LEGO BOX – I love these for the car, plane and any sort of travel! I had them fill their boxes with whatever legos they wanted for the trip! Mine love to build!

CHARGER CORDS – These came in SO handy! The long ones could reach the backseat and at one point, ALL of us had devices plugged in at once! This set is ideal for families!

SEAT ORGANIZER – We loved these! I had ordered them months ago in hopes that they would help organize the kids’ spaces and what they loved most was being able to put the iPad on the little table area, so they could just watch a show or movie! Loved the cup holders, too!

COOLER BAG – A must for waters and snacks! Because of the length of our trip, we tried to make as good time as possible, so it helped having snacks and waters with us!

WIKI STIX – These are always fun! Love these for restaurants, too! My kids have played with these since they were toddlers!

SEAT TABLE – I thought this was a great alternative to the above organizer! Perfect for younger kids!!

LUMBAR PILLOW – NECESSARY for my back! This was the best $20 I have spent recently! I used this the whole trip!

EMERGENCY KIT – Great to have on hand!

CHARGERS – The more chargers the merrier, right? I loved this set, too! It also came in handy!

GAME – Another fun break when everyone is feeling tired and needing some fun!

MAD LIBS – We laughed so hard at this one! My kids love Mad Libs in general and we all took turns doing these during our trip!


So, there you have it! Those are our road trip essentials! Do you have a road trip planned this summer? Where are you off to?


Have a great day! XO!


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