Welcome to the House of Fancy

Hi friends and happy Tuesday!! You might notice a bit of a change here…fancyashley.com is now thehouseoffancy.com! Let me start off by saying that nothing will change here! It will still be the site that you’ve grown to love over the past 10+ years! But, I am excited to rebrand and change our site name to be more of an inclusive lifestyle brand. We have some big dreams and goals and while I’ll always be Fancy Ashley to you guys, we realized my site needed to be able incorporate more than just me because it really has always been about more than just me!

The biggest part of this news is that Mr. Fancy will be joining me more here on the blog. You heard that correctly! Mr. Fancy will be a regular contributor here! He has always wanted to share more of his inspirational thoughts and posts with you all, but his travel schedule never allowed for it. Now that he is home more, he’s decided to be a regular contributor here on House of Fancy! This is just another reason that we decided to change the name here. It’s more inclusive of ALL the things we want to share with you!

I really hope you all will share our excitement of this! I am thrilled to have Mr. Fancy be here on a regular basis, sharing his words of wisdom, cocktail recipes, his clothing picks and more! Changing our name here has been something that has been on my heart for years, but I’ve been nervous to take the leap. I did it once before back in the beginning and it’s been fancyashley.com ever since! Once we finally decided to take the rebrand leap, I have been a ball of excuses and put it off each time we planned to go live! After many weeks (ahem, months?) of putting this launch off, today is the day and I am SO excited, so nervous and all the things. Like, I have mentioned, it’ll still be ME on the regular here, but we will get Mr. Fancy sprinkled in and even more fun stuff, too!

To have a true lifestyle brand has always been my goal and while I feel like I achieved that with Fancy Ashley, I am thrilled to make this switch because So many things will now fall under The House of Fancy. We have lots of ideas, goals, plans and dreams that we will continue to share with you here! Nothing will change with the current content that you are used to, if anything it’ll just be better and you’ll get even MORE content!! Thank YOU for sticking with me for all of these years and for the excitement that I’m sure you have to see Mr. Fancy around these parts more! I hope if anything this gives you a glimpse of what’s to come and where we plan to go from here! Lots more to come on this change in the coming weeks!! Take a peek at the new site and let me know what you think!


The House of Fancy



Why House of Fancy?

If you’ve followed since the start, we’ve always called our house Casa de Fancy aka House of Fancy and when deciding on the new name, this one just stuck! I love the fact that SO many things, including, Fancy Ashley and Mr. Fancy can be under House of Fancy! It’s also THEhouseoffancy.com as a homage to @thefancyashley and @therealmrfancy on Instagram. This was Reagan’s idea to use the THE! We both used THE in our names because we had to, to get the usernames- I do joke and say that the THE makes anything sound fancier, so, in our case, we are sticking with adding a fancy THE before all the names. I also love that Reagan was a part of the naming process and loved her thoughts on this rebrand. It’s been a dream to incorporate Mr. Fancy into the process and to include Teddy and Reagan! It’s truly been a family affair and I’ve loved that everyone in the fam bam has been a part of it! You can still expect to see Fancy Ashley branding on things for now, but we will slowly switch things like that over. I will continue to stay @thefancyashley on Instagram.











In the coming days, you can expect to see Mr. Fancy sharing his first blog post! I’m so excited to have him on board! I’m so excited for you all to read it!!


Thank you again for your excitement and I hope you love the House of Fancy like we do!!


Have a great day! XOXO

Welcome to The House Of Fancy

House of Fancy is the lifestyle brand created by wife, mom, blogger, fashionista, foodie, home project addict, wine enthusiast, entertainer and sometimes DIY Queen, Ashley Lastovica. We believe in bringing a little Fancy to your everyday!

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House of Fancy is the lifestyle brand created by wife, mom, blogger, fashionista, foodie, home project addict, wine enthusiast, entertainer and sometimes DIY Queen, Ashley Lastovica. Grab a cup of coffee or a glass of chardonnay and join Ashley and her husband Mr. Fancy, for a peek into their everyday life and all the fun, fashion, fabulousness, home renovations, family and sometimes chaos that is the House of Fancy!



  1. StefffF wrote:

    So excited for this!! You guys seem like a good match and Mr. Fancy is one of my fave Insta accounts:)

    Posted 4.5.21
  2. Julie C. wrote:

    I LOOOOVE everything about this!!!!! And I especially love that the whole family was involved. These pics of you guys are just too cute!!!! I can’t wait to hear more from Mr. Fancy.

    Posted 4.6.21
  3. Jennifer Scari wrote:

    Congratulations! I’ve noticed that you radiated happiness lately. Best of luck on the updated site.

    Posted 4.6.21
  4. Elena wrote:

    So very fun! Congratulations!

    Posted 4.6.21
  5. Lisa wrote:


    Posted 4.6.21
  6. shawnna wrote:

    yay! this is so cool! Love the new name!

    Posted 4.6.21
  7. Leslie wrote:


    Posted 4.6.21
  8. I’m so excited for you and your hubby! Congratulations! XOXO

    Posted 4.6.21

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